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President Chester Arthur Historic Site • Fairfield, Vermont

The Twelve Principles of Vermont Wellness

Wellness • Tranquility • Happiness 

Wellness isn’t just about physical and mental well-being – it’s the pursuit of a balanced life integrating all twelve principles that lead to a better quality of life and ultimately to sustainable happiness...

We want to help bring more joy and happiness into your life, as we continue to learn and discover those essential elements that provide sustainable happiness. If you’ve never stayed with us before; we want, you to feel good when you arrive and feel great when you leave – that’s our commitment. And we hope that we have provided some thoughtful insight into the things that we are doing for a more meaningful and happy life that we have found here in Vermont and Pond Mountain Inn.

Hiking Vermont

Physical Wellness

Having fun outside in a natural setting has shown us that joy and happiness is simple. Every walk has its own unexpected joys – see what we stumbled upon...

Japanese garden and gazebo

Spiritual Wellness

Pond Mountain Inn provides a contemplative or meditative place for clear-thought that may help contribute a healthy spirit of flexibility and openness...

Ferrari 1953

Intellectual Wellness

When’s the last time you heard a Nobel-laureate speak or visited one of the best-preserved presidential sites in the country? See our favorite places for intellectual diversity...

Irises flowers

Emotional Wellness

Embrace your happiness, take time to getaway, immerse yourself in things that make you feel good and let your emotional happiness lead the way...

people standing in field

Social Wellness

Social connection is the path to happiness, and we’re always seeking new experiences that lead to new friendships, joyful memories and, sustainable happiness...

Avocado Toast Pond Mountain Inn Vermont

Nutritional Wellness

80% of what we serve in-season at Pond Mountain Inn is locally grown within five square miles of the property and much of that is organic…

Milky way over Lake St catherine vermont

Sleep Wellness

All the ingredients for a great night’s sleep are comfortably tucked away at Pond Mountain Inn.

Let a symphony of spring peepers sing you to sleep...

tractor on farm

Occupational Wellness

Vermont provides the essential restorative benefits of rest and recovery that help lead to a harmonizing

lifestyle balance that’s intrinsically satisfying…

Dorset Vermont  Quarry

Fun & The Art of Play

Challenge Your Mind, Exercise and Play, its simplicity is profound. Don’t underestimate the need to play, nor consider playing a waste of time—to the contrary...

Baby Birds Vermont

Environmental Wellness

Inspired to a live a lifestyle respectful of our surroundings, this encourages us to live harmoniously with nature by preserving our environment for future generations...

Weston Grist Mill

Stress Avoidance Wellness

Beginning the day outside each morning for ten minutes bending, stretching, and twisting while practicing deep breathing is one of the best ways to lower stress...

Fishing Brown Trout Vermont

Adventure Wellness

Experience the unfamiliar and exhilaration of reeling in big fish while simultaneously enjoying the peace and tranquility of simply being out on the water...

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