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Kay's Flower Garden • Pond Mountain Inn

 Emotional Wellness

Pond Mountain Inn provides a contemplative or meditative place for clear-thought that may help contribute a healthy spirit of flexibility and openness…

Building the foundation for emotional wellness is critical to our overall health and well-being. We believe emotional wellness begins with place—home, or the tranquil atmosphere of secluded gardens and pastures, peaceful open-air hilltops, the serenity of foraging for wild eatables, or just simply returning to a place that provides us with the comfort of familiarity.

Let’s set the stage for emotional health and well-being with a quote from one of our longest staying guests, Patti Shea. She refers to our property as her happy place, others love the peace and tranquility – just being surrounded by thousands of forested acres brings us together with nature. Most love the contemplative comfort of the property’s indoor and outdoor space, plus there’s just so much to do here!

Vermont has been named the happiest state in the United States. It’s our belief that emotional wellness begins with place, our place, Pond Mountain Inn—the emotional bond and memories between person and place. Year-after-year our guests have achieved an intimate familiarity through continuous residence – a special friendship bond that continues each year, a sense of community that flourishes between our guests, our neighbors and our friends alike, all contributing to making this place collectively ours. 

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