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Calvin Coolidge Roadside Sign

Vermont Roadside Historic Marker

Other Points of Interest & Remarkable Experiences

Immersive Experiences & Story-Worthy Moments is our mission to provide remarkable encounters

for curious travelers in search of their next discovery.

Let us further enrich your day trip itinerary with other remarkable experiences by personalizing each day trip with more of the things you want to experience. We have a remarkable collection of unique destination offerings not found anywhere else. Our commitment is to make each day extraordinary!   

​​The Covered Bridge Tour* There are over 125 covered bridges in Vermont; ten of which are within 45 minutes of the inn. We have a complete list.

The Vermont Cheese Tour – Great artisan cheese makers are seemingly everywhere and most cheese producers offer tours. We have a complete list of producers some of which are not far from the inn.

The Micro-Brewery & Distillery Tours – Visit the Top Ten Breweries and discover some of the Vermont Distilleries that we enjoy visiting. The Middlebury Tasting Trail is a favorite!

Vermont’s Famous Trail of Chocolatiers – Combine our One Day Trip Itineraries with finding your favorite Vermont chocolate.

Art Gallery & Museum Tours – From Williamstown, Massachusetts to Burlington, Vermont.

Learn & Hunt for Vermont Roadside Historic Markers* Over 265 cast-aluminum green markers, crested with the distinctive gold state seal, are placed throughout Vermont to provide a fascinating glimpse into the past and insights into the present.

Vermont Scenic Highways and Byways – Driving for pleasure is one of America’s most popular pastimes and we have five unforgettable drives that combine scenery and activities into an experiential paradise.

50 Vermont Hikes with 10-15 nearby Pond Mountain Inn – The other Haystack Mountain, not the ski resort, once called the Gibraltar of America, offers a challenging hike and one of the best panoramic views in southern Vermont. And, is ten minutes away!  

The Long Trail • The Appalachian Trail Consider hiking the Long Trail, the oldest long-distance trail in the United States, which was the inspiration for the Appalachian Trail. The Long Trail & the Appalachian Trail overlap for about 100 miles in southern Vermont!

The Vermont Marble Museum: Proctor, 800.427.1396. The largest marble exhibit in the world and Yankee Magazine’s Best of Vermont | 2018 Editors’ Choice Awards. Both the museum and the town of Proctor are well worth visiting (seasonal). Just thirty minutes from Pond Mountain Inn. 

New Skete Monasteries: Cambridge, New York, 518.677.3928. Our guests visit, pray and simply enjoy some quiet time for reflection. Beautiful grounds on the slopes of Two-Top Mountain make for thoughtful meditation. The Nun’s cheesecake is worth the forty-minute drive! 


Lars Jacob Wing Shooting: Dorset, Vermont, 802.289.2002. Speak with Lars and find out why Sporting Clays is one of America’s fastest growing sports. Lars offers Public or Private Shooting Schools, Gun Fitting, Live Bird Instruction, Hosted Trips and Instructio, Course Design for Sporting Clays & Hunter Clays, Gun Sales, Gunsmithing, Inspection, and Appraisal, Custom Gun Design and much more.

We’ve Saved The Best For Last...

Vermont Wagyu at Spring-Rock Farm*: Springfield, Vermont, 802.885.7812. Next time you’re visiting join us for a private personalized steak-tasting, and we’ll introduce you to the best steak in the world! We sliced through five different cuts of Wagyu with less effort than it takes to cut a wedge of soft Camembert. It’s nearly impossible to describe the tenderness, buttery texture, juicy mouthfeel, savory rich flavor profile and the delicate aromatic smell that has become the best steak we’ve ever tasted – an incredible experience that you’ll never forget!

* Links take you directly to our blog that provide our personal insights and experiences.

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