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couple Foraging in Vermont woods

Kay & Orland Foraging for Wild Leeks

Physical Wellness

Having fun outside in a natural setting has shown us that joy and happiness is simple.

Every walk has its own unexpected joys – look what we stumbled upon….

Vermont living requires a profound commitment to engaging in physical activity – whether it’s the physical demands of endless snowfalls, chopping and splitting your own firewood or tending to your neighbor’s livestock in temperatures that fall below -20°; you need an unwavering commitment to the outdoors. There’s nothing more invigorating or satisfying than returning to the wood-stove warmth of home after a strenuous day outside.

Hiking in nature is so powerful especially for our health and well-being that leading-edge doctors are prescribing hiking in addition to traditional treatments for disease. Evidence suggests that hiking in dense forests may provide far more benefits due to certain organic compounds that trees emit that boost mood and improve our overall mental and emotional health.

What is more physically, emotionally or spiritually beneficial than spending the day walking around in a postcard setting navigating the Vermont hiking trails – switchbacks, lush forests, stunning rivers, streams and waterfalls all providing something memorable. But nothing quite as memorable or rewarding as reaching that mountain summit for unadulterated bird’s eye views of some of the most spectacular sights of the Green Mountains.  

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