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Steak at Pond Mountain Inn
breakfast Pond Mountain Inn

Our Breakfast Menu

No matter what season you dine with us, we always incorporate local, organic, and sustainable foods to create innovative and exciting cuisine. The result is a dining experience of harmonious flavors and beautiful presentation that give new meaning to “farm to table” dining that is tailored to suit our guests’ specific tastes and dietary needs.

Seasonal Fresh Fruit Accompany Each Breakfast—an assortment of five types of melon and berries. Additionally, many dishes are served with bacon or sausage and skillet breakfast potatoes or shredded pan-fried potatoes and garnished with our seasonal garden chives or organic pea shoots.  

French-Style Omelettes
Our signature French crêpe-like omelettes are silky, a perfectly pale-yellow thin blanket of eggs that cradles a generous interior of exquisite rusty brown cluster of sautéed chestnut mushrooms, two types of cheeses, and a dallop of crème fraîche. Other mushroom varieties may be found inside depending upon what is freshly harvested by our local mushroom farmer. Another guest favorite is our sautéed spinach & tomato omelette. We can create other delicious interiors, just let us know what you like!        

Trio of Pancakes

Lemon Cottage Cheese Soufflé Pancakes
These delicate pancakes are so delicious and incredibly light and fluffy, especially with Dorset Reserve Maple Syrup and homemade blueberry compote that after emailing our recipe to so many of our guests, we decided to make it easier for everyone and posted the recipe on our blog page.

Lemon Ricotta & Mascarpone Pancakes & Classic Sour Cream Pancakes
Equally as delicious, the Ricotta adds moisture, and lemon zest heightens the subtle flavor while the Blueberry-Lemon Compote completes the dish. This pancake recipe has now become the most asked for recipe—here’s the recipe! One guest recently said, “Your Sour Cream Pancakes are so light and fluffy and not nearly as heavy as the others.” We use less than half the amount of flour, which allows for a lighter finished pancake and yet still moist.  

Eggs Benedict Collection

Poached eggs on toasted Vermont English muffins with your choice of interior, homemade tangy hollandaise sauce and a hint of truffle salt. Our Canadian Bacon comes from pigs that we help raise on our neighbor’s property, and we often get our eggs there too—you can taste the difference!    

Traditional Eggs Benedict
Vermont English Muffin | Farm Fresh Eggs | Canadian Bacon | Hollandaise Sauce

Gluten Free Eggs Benedict

Vermont English Muffin (GF) | Farm Fresh Eggs | Canadian Bacon | Hollandaise Sauce

Eggs Benedict Florentine (Vegetarian) 
Vermont English Muffin | Farm Fresh Eggs | Sautéed Spinach | Hollandaise Sauce

(We can substitute other freshly harvested mushroom varieties from our local mushroom farmer.)

Artisan Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict
Vermont English Muffin | Farm Fresh Eggs | Nova Scotia Smoked Salmon | Hollandaise Sauce

Wagyu Steak Eggs Benedict (requires one day notice, $50.00)
Vermont English Muffin | Farm Fresh Eggs | Vermont Wagyu Steak | Hollandaise Sauce

We’ve selected three types of Vermont Wagyu steak, each with extraordinary flavor profiles that complement this classic epicurean breakfast & brunch delight—select your favorite below. 

Tenderloin… extraordinarily tender, this cut come from the loin section of the hindquarter and are considered a jewel cut.

Baseball Sirloin Steak…Center cut from the top sirloin—this cut is lean and very flavorful. The name "baseball steak" refers to its rounded shape similar to a baseball.

Petite Tender Steak... This flavorful and tender steak comes from the forequarter, the chuck shoulder, and is often called mock tenderloin.

Without getting into the chemistry of beef flavor, it’s nearly impossible to describe the tenderness, slight chew and juiciness of what now has become the best steak we’ve ever tasted. Each steak has consistent well-developed marbling throughout, with an interesting outer-layer of savory fat that contribute to the overall unique flavor composition. 

Classic Brioche French Toast
On day of departure, our guests get to select their favorite breakfast before heading home. Overwhelmingly, Kay’s French Toast is our guests “go to” breakfast. Along with our homemade blueberry compote, we also serve our French Toast with our “Breakfast Bananas Foster” that does not include the ice cream, the dark rum or the pyrotechnics.  

Quiche Lorraine and Beyond
Our signature quiche requires a delicate sautéing of lardon (fatty bacon) and onion, whisking the eggs, heavy cream and the blended savoriness of Gruyère cheese with a golden-brown crust. But it doesn’t end there… in the fall we make a special Hen-of-the-Woods Quiche only after a successfully foraging on the mountain across the road. And, it still doesn’t end there… we find all kinds of fresh seasonal ingredients to throw into our egg and cream batter to create new and exciting quiches.

French-Style Cheesy Scrambled Eggs
Our French-style cheesy scrambled eggs are velvety and creamy, cooked slowly and stirred often over low heat so that the eggs do not dry out—this produces a smaller softer curd structure. We’ll keep your eggs in the frying pan a little longer if you prefer a drier American-style scrambled egg.

Dutch Baby Pancake
Sometimes called a German pancake, a Dutch Baby is a big, puffy, soufflé-like, family-style pancake with a custardy center that’s baked in a sizzling-hot buttered skillet. It’s like a crêpe, a pancake, and a popover all rolled into one. This breakfast is sheer entertainment—as the Dutch Baby bakes, the golden puffy crust rises above the pan like a soufflé creating a custardy center. Gather around when “the baby” leaves the oven—the baby begins to collapse as it begins to cool. It’s exciting every time! We then dust with confectioners’ sugar, top with fresh berries, drizzle some Vermont Maple syrup and serve. Absolutely delicious, and a fun way to start the day!

Avocado Toast for Aficionados
This isn’t guacamole, nor is it spicy. It’s breakfast simplicity beginning with a fresh ripe avocado, a few cherry tomatoes, salt & pepper, and lightly drizzled small batch Italian olive oil served generously on crusty bread, whole grain toast or Vermont English Muffin. Fairly ordinary thus far…. one small addition that makes all the difference in the world—Black Truffle Sea Salt! It's the Black Truffle Sea Salt that transforms this otherwise ordinary Avocado Toast breakfast dish into a delicacy. It’s wildly delicious and healthy.

Biscuits and Sausage Gravy
Yes, we actually serve biscuits and sausage gravy. “It’s inexplicable how someone from Thailand makes this dish better than anyone else,” remarked one of our southern guests! Homemade biscuits covered in sausage gravy made from the drippings of cooked pork sausage, unbleached Whitelily Flour, A2 milk and our sausage is a breakfast you may want to enjoy once while you’re here.  

Stone Ground White Grits
Our southern guests asked if we could make grits. Not until a gourmet chef with a twenty-five person Baptist contingent from Mississippi showed us the way. Now, we occasionally serve this southern staple, but it may be the best grits that you’ll ever have—promise. Walt, from Florida says it’s the best grits he’s ever had!

Organic Maple Yogurt Parfait
Begin your day with a delicious Morning Yogurt Parfait – organic yogurt, Kay’s homemade granola and fruit are layered in a parfait glass. We only use fresh Blueberries, Raspberries and Blackberries, organic granola and plain organic yogurt with a hint of dark maple syrup and a mint leaf from our garden just for color!

To-Go Breakfast | Coffee • Breakfast Sandwich • Mixed Berries & Fruit
(All of our 2021 skiers took our to-go breakfast to the slopes, and loved them.)

We keep our breakfast sandwich simple and delicious with a Fried Egg, Taylor Pork Roll*, Melted-American Cheese on a lightly butter-toasted Vermont English Muffin.

*Taylor Pork Roll is the main flavor ingredient in our New Jersey Breakfast Sandwich. John Taylor’s Original Pork Roll is what most New Jerseyans and Philadelphians ask for by name.  Made since 1856, it’s a main staple of diners, kitchens, holiday tables, and boardwalks of the Garden State—and, it’s absolutely delicious!

Off-Menu Breakfasts

We’re always experimenting with new and exciting breakfast dishes that are largely dependent on seasonal produce and availability of interesting local ingredients. Kay has an instinctual feel for dishes that will expand and excite your palate— taking many of her cues from Vermont’s endless bounty of local ingredients wherever they may be found.

Pond Mountain Inn Coffee
We only serve T.M. Ward Coffee… A family-owned roaster and importer since 1869.

One of the defining characteristics of an excellent bed & breakfast is the emphasis on serving the finest cup of coffee available. We serve five non-flavored mostly dark roast coffees, and our signature blend combines the best flavor characteristics of our Viennese & French roast coffees that truly offer an exceptional cup of coffee.

Our Signature Coffee Blends Viennese Roast & French Roast
Our signature coffee, a guest favorite, blends an unusually smooth, delicately strong, velvety finish of the Viennese Roast with French Roast, a blend of dark roast Arabica beans, which is widely thought to make the best cup of coffee. We also serve… 

Viennese Roast
Deep brown to dark roast of south and Central American coffees with a very deep strong flavor with subtle hints of chocolate is considered the lightest of the espresso roasts.

French Roast
This coffee is a blend of Arabica beans. It is a very dark roast with smoky overtones and its intensity makes it a T.M. Ward favorite.

Full-City Dark Roast
This coffee is a four-bean dark roast with a strong body yet silky-smooth emphasizing bold-sweet flavor.

Italian Roast
Bold, dark and rich; this coffee is perfect for an espresso. Named for the dark roasting style common in southern Italy it robust flavors will please the most discerning coffee drinker.

Silk Signature Blend
The “white tablecloth of all coffees” is combined with Sumatra Mandheling, Kenya AA, and Full-City roast that creates a deep, dark, yet smooth coffee (medium roast).

Juices & Beverages
Orange | Grapefruit | Homemade Organic San Marzano Tomato Juice ($10.00)