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Spotted Salamander in grass Vermont Sustainability

Spotted Salamander • Pond Mountain Inn

Our Sustainability Commitment

Acting Responsibly • Advancing Sustainability • Environmental Preservation

Our vision is to be the best-loved bed & breakfast in New England and beyond, through which we are committed to building sustainable business practices for our guests, our community, and our local business partners while minimizing our overall low-carbon footprint. 

Our commitment to hospitality and sustainability excellence are already deeply ingrained in our ethos. Despite the challenges of the last few years, we continue making significant progress in our sustainability efforts, focusing on our Four Pillars of Sustainability: (1) Reducing Energy Consumption, (2) Water Conservation, (3) Waste Elimination, and (4) Responsible Sourcing. To that end, we are determined to do our part each day with the primary goal of reducing our carbon footprint, and focusing on the health and well-being of our guests.

Pond Mountain Inn has made important progress over the last decade, to that end, we will share our approach, progress and plans on how we will continue to shape our future of responsible travel.

Sustainability Pond Mountain Inn Vermont

Reducing Energy Consumption

As part of our ongoing commitment to combating the effects of climate change we are reducing our year-over-year carbon footprint through conservation and use of renewable energy…

Pond Mountain Inn Vermont

Conserving Water

Fresh water is the lifeblood of our planet, and protecting freshwater ecosystems in Vermont is critical. Forty states predict water shortages within ten years… 

Pigs wells vermont

Eliminating Waste

Food waste has an enormous impact on climate—some estimates reach $1 trillion. Find out how we have creatively eliminated ~99% of our food waste...

Dorset Vermont Farmers Market

Buying and Supporting Local

We buy local whenever possible for the expressed interest to sustain local farms and agriculture that build a stronger local food system. Plus, it just tastes better…

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