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Spotted Salamander • Pond Mountain Inn

Sustainability at Pond Mountain Inn

Acting Responsibly • Advancing Sustainability • Environmental Preservation

Our Sustainability values and environmental efforts are designed to make a positive difference in Vermont to ensure a future that offers the same opportunity for fulfillment that we enjoy today. In 2014 we began prioritizing specific goals to further reduce our energy consumption and heat with an indigenous, renewable energy resource—wood. Additionally, we have made great strides in water conservation, reducing or eliminating waste, and buying and supporting our local communities. We are dedicated to delivering service excellence and to operating our property in a responsible and sustainable way. We invite you to learn more about our activities by reviewing the sections below...

Safety & COVID-19

Our highest priority is the safety and comfort of our guests during their stays on our property. We offer a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment for our guests that is both safe and secure. With the widespread concerns over COVID-19, we are improving our already stringent cleaning protocols by adhering to the CDC Cleaning & Disinfecting Guidelines. We are taking additional hygiene precautions by performing a post-cleaning process designed to address a broad spectrum of viruses by wiping-down every contact surface with 91% Isopropyl Alcohol.

​Here's What We're Doing at Pond Mountain Inn

We have learned valuable lessons and made substantial progress in sustainability over the last several years. Below is a Summary of Accomplishments

Sustainability Pond Mountain Inn Vermont

Reducing Energy Consumption

As part of our ongoing commitment to combating the effects of climate change we are reducing our year-over-year carbon footprint through conservation and use of renewable energy…

Pond Mountain Inn Vermont

Conserving Water

Fresh water is the lifeblood of our planet, and protecting freshwater ecosystems in Vermont is critical. Forty states predict water shortages within ten years… 

Pigs wells vermont

Eliminating Waste

We joined Clean the World, an organization that addresses global health issues by using discarded hygiene supplies that aims to reduce the number of hygiene-related deaths…

Dorset Vermont Farmers Market

Buying and Supporting Local

We buy local whenever possible for the expressed interest to sustain local farms and agriculture that build a stronger local food system. Plus, it just tastes better…

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