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Working the Farm in the Green Mountains

Occupational Wellness 

Vermont provides the essential restorative benefits of rest and recovery that help lead to a
harmonizing lifestyle balance that’s intrinsically satisfying… 

Hard work is essential to success—got it! And, success comes with occupational hazards; burnout, depression, anxiety, stress—of course, but why, and must they co-exist? The American work ethic prides itself on long hours and little time off; ask any McKinsey or Goldman Sachs partner. Think about what it takes to produce a well-researched highly complex 175 Page Presentation Deck in less than a week; a 60-70-hour work week! Then, continuing to perform at that level for weeks, months, or years.

Occupational Wellness is the ability to optimize the balance between work and personal life, reducing and preventing stress, striving for satisfaction and meaning in life through work. Work-life balance is a real thing, and nearly every ancient society understood the balance of work and rest. Studies don’t need to confirm what we already know; our emotional intelligence and decision-making abilities drastically deteriorate when we’re tired. Vacation time has a healthful purpose—the data shows an obvious strong correlation between travel and happiness. Don’t leave your valuable vacation time on the table at the end of the year.

Rest and work are not conflicting forces, they’re meant to complement each other. Vermont provides the restorative benefits of rest and recovery essential for returning to work. We provide many levels of pleasurable activities that are intrinsically satisfying, which allow our guests to engage their senses. And, we would be delighted to help you navigate through the incredible range of adventures and experiences that we have discovered in Vermont.

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