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Prosecco Before Dinner at Dancing Ewe Farm

Social Wellness 

Social connection is the path to happiness, and we’re always seeking new experiences that lead to

new friendships, joyful memories and, sustainable happiness...

There’s abundant evidence that social interaction is a biological requirement. Of course, that makes sense—much like eating, drinking and sleeping. Conversely, isolation or social distancing albeit good for reducing the transmission of the coronavirus also has a deleterious effect that increases loneliness, anxiety and frustration. So, rather than reading or writing a treatise, let’s just say that social interaction is really good for us, while isolation is really bad…

We provide a very welcoming social setting for guests, family, friends and neighbors. We are so thankful to have an unending stream of wonderful new and returning guests that have also become great friends. Furthermore, and perhaps equally important, we’re always seeking new experiences that lead to new friendships, which is how we’ve created sustainable happiness.

"You Guys Do The Best Stuff" is a quote from one of my former colleagues and the title of our October 2019 Newsletter that really says it all. We do things that we truly enjoy that leave us and our guests feeling really good about each day and our new discoveries. In fact, reading our October Newsletter precisely exemplifies how we are achieving social wellness and sustainable happiness by frequently experiencing the unfamiliar.        

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