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Man caught brown trout Lake st. catherine

Brown Trout in Lake St. Catherine

Adventure Wellness 

Experience the unfamiliar and exhilaration of reeling in big fish while simultaneously enjoying the peace and tranquility of simply being out on the water…

Some of the finest trout lakes and rivers are here in Vermont – so what, right! Until the other day we only knew two fishing enthusiasts; now we know four. That’s to say we don’t know anyone that goes fishing. It’s difficult to fathom the joy of sitting precariously on some wooden boat plank, struggling to convince a huge nightcrawler of the benefits of the hook in my other hand, then sending both into the lake at whatever depth that assures an unsuccessful day – in fact, I have no idea what’s in the lake; nor do I care about the esoterica of fishing – line sizes, Latin insect classifications, fish species, water temperature and the countless other things necessary to catch fish. This is why I’m not going fishing – just writing about this unpleasant experience is unpleasant enough, or is it?

In the spirit of Social & Emotional Wellness, we have new friends just down the road. This young couple does it all—they’ve taken the drudgery out of recreational lake fishing and made it into a relaxing, meditative wellness practice capable of delivering peace and tranquility to those determined to go somewhere beautiful and experience the health benefits of spending time outside, on Lake St. Catherine, and the exhilaration of reeling in big fish!  

Instead of dropping a line hoping for a bite, they’re targeting, through experience and technology, the appropriate fish species given the complex set of factors required to successfully reel in Brown Trout (in the photo), Rainbow Trout, Bass, Perch, Northern Pike or any of the other 90-plus species of fish that are abundant throughout the state.

This incredible outdoor activity precisely highlights experiencing the unfamiliar here in Vermont. Imagine spending a half-day on Lake St. Catherine not having to worry about a thing… Carrie & Kevin take care of it all! Kevin monitors the weather daily to determine the best conditions for your day on the lake.  

Half-Day Fishing Adventure on Lake St. Catherine

Everything is included and snacks provided.
Spend a picturesque morning or afternoon fishing for large trophy fish or for dinner later that evening back at Pond Mountain Inn.
Meet at the dock and board an eighteen-foot C-Hawk fishing boat that comfortably seats six. The open cockpit design allows unobstructed movement throughout the boat.

There is a total of ten fishing rods setup to maximize the best possible outcome for your day on Lake St. Catherine.

Kevin & Carrie delight in welcoming first timers, and also welcome those that want to brush up on their angling skills. Experience as much or as little as you wish, just as long as you’ve had an extraordinary day of fishing on the lake.

It’s like fishing with a professional action video photographer onboard! Your day of fishing is beautifully chronicled—just keeping it fun by only capturing those special moments. And, 2-3 weeks later you will receive a beautifully organized photo book and YouTube videos of your day on the lake… fishing.   

Half-Day Fishing 1-4 Persons: $299 • Nonresident One-Day Fishing License: $21.00 / per person. 

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