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Pond Mountain Inn Photo Contest


Pond Mountain Inn is having a Photo Contest for past & current guests only.

Contest begins today, June 13, 2018 EDT and ends midnight October 31, 2018. Limit 3 photos per household.


Call us today for more information!

Official Rules

You must be a guest or previous guest at Pond Mountain Inn to be eligible to enter the contest and age 21 or older. Entry Form is required for each guest participating. By submitting your photos each person unconditionally accepts and agrees to the Official Rules and that each entry complies with all requirements set forth by the Official Rules, decisions of and determination process of the winners. (All information is kept confidential)

Only three of your photos per household may be entered and they must be your photos; no exceptions. They must be photos of the surrounding area of Pond Mountain Inn up to an area of 90 miles out from the Inn. Misrepresenting the area (Vermont/New York/New Hampshire area guideline for the contest) or disguising your content is cause for disqualification.

With each photograph you submit include your name, address, telephone number, email address, photo caption and place you took the photo; i.e.; Lake St. Catherine, Wells Country Store. Only small photo enhancements are allowed. Additionally, you are permitted to describe the photo in greater detail for the purposes of clarity.

If you have photographs include discernible people, you must have permission in writing from each person to be included in the Photo Contest.

All Photographs must be submitted digitally and must be in JPEG or .jpg format. No larger than 1,600 pixels wide (horizontal images) or 1,600 pixels tall (vertical images) and sent to email and before the deadline on October. 31, 2018

Photographs must not contain obscene, defamatory, provocative, sexually explicit, pornographic, libelous, hate speech or otherwise in whole or in part or any type of objectionable or inappropriate content will be disqualified.

You give Pond Mountain Inn all rights to your photos to use for marketing purposes on and offline. Relatives or employees of Pond Mountain Inn are NOT eligible to participate. All photographs will be judged by impartial panel of judges.


First Prize: Two Person, Two Night Stay Off Season, Non-Holiday

First Runner-Up: Two Person, One Night Stay Off Season, Non-Holiday

Second Runner-Up: Four Course Dinner for Two at Pond Mountain Inn

(All prizes must be redeemed one year from date of winner announcement.)

By submitting your photo(s) you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the Official Rules.

(All information is kept confidential)




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