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Pond Mountain Inn Wells Vermont

Welcome to Pond Mountain Inn

Our picturesque mountain and pastural setting are nature’s greeting before you’re warmly greeted in the Main House Gathering Room where your days gently unfold at your leisure. As honored guests of Pond Mountain Inn our property quickly becomes your home.  

Enjoy the pleasantly languid start to each day, then let adventures still unwritten take you further… We plan fascinating one-of-a-kind experiences according to the pleasure of our guests, but it’s those days when serendipity intervenes that create the most poignant and joyful memories.

Day Break, our legendary gourmet farm-to-table breakfasts are served al fresco at the Main House under our traditional rough-sawn timber frame pergola overlooking pastural gardens and lush undisturbed mountains…

Mid-Day, the property empties as guests depart on stunning country drives to experience the quintessence of Vermont and its undiluted mystique in pursuit of unique story-worthy adventures or simply let our property’s beauty and tranquility provide a contemplative place for creative-thought and relaxation…

Day’s End, peacefulness returns, and easy conversations commence as daylight wanes—you’re comfortably seated in mountain-facing Adirondack chairs sharing stories from the day’s adventures while watching vultures, red-tailed hawks and eagles ride the mountain thermals… 

Our boutique inn provides a 24-hour concierge service to all our guests—ensuring a very personalized authentic Vermont experience not found anywhere else.

It’s Just Magical Here!



New York • Boston • Montreal • Less Than Four Hours Away!

The Perfect Vermont Fall Getaway

Travel Done Differently… Pond Mountain Inn offers a curated collection of day-trips and itineraries that Vermont visitors may never experience. Authentic experiences that evoke lasting memories… even for the most adventurous globe-trotting traveler.

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